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Cynthia Barstow
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The Eco-Foods Guide: What's Good for the Earth is Good for You!

New Society Publishers, 2002
Cynthia Barstow is a well-known eco-foods marketing lecturer, consultant, and speaker, roles she arrived at by a circuitous route. Barstow spent the first ten years of her career climbing the corporate ladder, from promotions director at public television stations to director of advertising and creative services at WABC Radio in New York City, to vice president of marketing for a #3-billion restaurant company in Manhattan.

Barstow left Manhattan with her husband to begin a family in New England. While living in an apple orchard that was sprayed by agricultural chemicals, she was subsequently bitten by the sustainable-agriculuture bug. Rather than pontificate without substance, she went back to school to study fruits and vegetables, then combined her passion for agriculture with her marketing discipline in projects on agroecology, 4-H, nutrition, and environmental conservation. Barstow is now adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and an environmental / sustainable agriculture-marketing consultant. Her clients have included the World Wildlife Fund/WPVGA/UWM "Protected Harvest" eco-label program and CISA, the Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture, Kellogg project. She is on the boards of the Biodynamic Farmland Conservation Trust/Brookfield Farm, the New England Small Farm Institute and the North East Sustainable Agriculture Working Group. She considers her most important role to be that of devoted soccer mom.

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